About me

  I have beem building knives for sixty years. It's my favorite thing to do. Although, I have been making knives all this time and I'm still trying to improve my skill and as a craftsman. I use nothing but the  best steels for my blades. I'm always on the lookout for rare​ and exotic materials for my handles and guards.
  I used to go to a lot of knife shows. I won my share of best of awards and cutting competitions. I only go a few shows now I'll let some of the younger guys to have their turn. Besides,the fewer shows I go to the more time I have to build knives. THAT'S MY PASSION, not winning awards and contest.
I still build a few fancy bowies, fighting knives and tomahawks but my TRUE PASSION is building high performance working knives. I mean like one of my skinners or hunters that can dress out three white tail deer without having to sharpen it. I mean like my camp utility knife ( Competition Cutting Knife ) that will cut meat and vegetables for dinner or cut down a small tree better than a hand ax.                   
I believe sometimes the older ways are the best ways. That's the reason I hamer forge my blades. When I build a damascus knife I make the damascus steel for the blade myself. This way I can do a damascus pattern that complements the style of knife I'm makeing.
  My knives are almost always of sole authership. This means I do all the work myself from the forging to sheath.